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Nancy Roberts CheckPoint: The Impact of HRM I believe the two best ideas where Training and Development ideas of Ann Ballard’s and LaPorsha Campbell’s on Performance Appraisal. The reason why I have chosen these two ideas is because first Ann’s idea of how the training should be completed is in my opinion right on. For a company to survive and be continually successful, you need to have well equipped employees that are able to handle their positions efficiently and precisely. And to offer a semi-annual mandatory training to stay current within the employee’s position is also needed to stay successful as the company grows with less employee turnover. The reason why I have chosen LaPorsha’s idea is because by having a one-on-one with the
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Unformatted text preview: management to regular employees this opens the door to knowing how your employees feel about their positions and they know how and where they ‘stand’ within the company. If an employee is struggling then that employee knows what is expected, what could happen, and also possibly get the help to improve and succeed at their position. However, if the employee is succeeding at their position they also know that they can look forward to positive feedback and even a possible pay increase or other type of bonus that is offered within the company. Ultimately, I believe that these two ideas will both work in any type of working environment in a positive manner. As well as help those who may be struggling within their position....
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