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SPCM4900 2/24/11 Interpersonal Theories 1. Social Penetration Model: “opinion Model” - Self-disclosure is the conduit for developing relationship closeness - Self disclosure - - revealing personal or private information - Includes both breadth and depth We have many layers and only through repeated exposure and disclosure will you learn more and go through the layers. Public self - Height, weight, gender Personality - Ideas, beliefs, faith, prejudices Core - True emotions, values, self-concept Only after learning first layer can you move onto the next layer. Is this theory applicable to CMC? Self-disclosure online? Profile on social networking sites provide basic information already about public self and personality - Doesn’t really apply - Sometimes people can express prejudices without knowing the public self - Everybody’s information is collapsed sometimes - Not necessary to reveal the outer side to reach the inner layers - Public self not as relevant to self disclosure 2. Multiple Understanding and reciprocity - Mutual understanding o Assessing the status of a relationship o Dual perspective Recognizing that we all have subjective realties - Reciprocity o Communicative interactions o Exchange of goods Generally want to maintain equitable relationships TO WRAP UP: Socializing online is… - Asocial (i.e. cold and unfriendly)? - Antisocial (i.e., diminishing FtF interaction)? - Under which conditions?
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- Readings 6 and 7 Reading 6 FtF- highest, Phone 2 nd , Email 3 rd for both work and relationships - Different levels of perceived usefulness - In work, the difference is less than in relationships Among college students: - FtF is less important compared to previous stats - Less important than phone and email for information and les important than the phone in relationships Email more useful in work-related tasks but not as much in relationships Quality of Online Relationships and impact on FtF relationships (Reading 7: whether having social interaction online will have a detrimental effect on FtF interaction) - When building social relationships online: o Could be less fulfilling interactions o Email may not be as useful as FtF/phones
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SPCM4900 Notes 7 - SPCM4900 Interpersonal Theories 1 Social...

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