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SPCM4900 Notes 5

SPCM4900 Notes 5 - -May continue to keep these...

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SPCM 4900 February 10, 2011 Internet & Learning about Others - Have you ever googled a friend or a prospective date? - Facebook stalking - What was your reason and what did you find out about the person? - Did you learn anything you hadn’t already known? Learning about the unknown - Example: Interview - Based on discussion, how trustful and useful do you think what you learn about someone (you don’t know personally) from your online research would be? - How do you feel communicating with the unknown on the Internet? Mitigating Identity Online - Real name - Pseudonymity Username Protect identity Using a pseudonym or username to disguise a “real” identity Most online social applications allow e.g. eBay, Amazon, MySpace Online gaming: playing with people you haven’t had a previous relationship yet
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Unformatted text preview: -May continue to keep these relationships-Way to develop personal relationships based on pseudonymity Unlike anonymity, pseudonymity allows for repeated social transactions, relationships and reputations-Anonymity o Not being identifiable What does it all mean?-We have identities-We have them online-We do things to manage our identities-We do things to manage our identities and control self-presentation o And can do different things online-Chatting online can be different than FtF communication, but this is qualified by context & What is its implications for our personal relationships? Readings 4 &5 Theoretical perspectives Reading 4: Plan 9 from Cyberspace Reading 5 QUIZ on TUESDAY!! Movie: Untraceable...
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  • Interpersonal relationship, personal relationships, online gaming, Pseudonymity, online social applications, Facebook stalking

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