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SPCM4900 Notes 2 - o Social interaction o Individual...

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SPCM 4900 February 1. 2011 1. Review: What is CMC? a. Definition of CMC b. Digi-tech and Internet as Revolutionary tech c. History of computers and the Internet d. Actual Internet use among Americans e. Research trends Onset of new tech causes… - An associated period of social and cultural reorganization and reflection - Sometimes even anxiety and conflict - Hype versus hysteria The Many Sides of Technology - Different opinions, misunderstandings - Utopian v. Dystopian visions o The effects of computerization on human interaction and social life Does technology mean progress? YES Technology Determinism - Technology is the primary cause of major social transformations at: o The level of social structures and historical changes
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Unformatted text preview: o Social interaction o Individual cognition and psychological changes-Technology dictates the construction of society and the way we think Social Constructivism-Technology is subordinate to: o The way it is used o Its socio-historical and culturally specific context-What is technology designed to do versus what people actually do with it o The application of technology brings about social change Social Realism Technological Determinism Social Constructivism-Understanding the relationship between technology culture, and social interaction as a two-way street o Recognizes other influences (i.e., economic, political)...
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SPCM4900 Notes 2 - o Social interaction o Individual...

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