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SPCM4900 Notes 1 - SPCM 4900 January 27 2011 Important...

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SPCM 4900 January 27. 2011 Important qualities of the internet - Newhagen & Rafaeli (1996). Why should communication researchers study the Internet? - Walther, Gay, & Hancock (2005). How communication and technology researchers study the Internet? (Reading 2) Multimedia*** Hypertextuality* Interactivity *** Synchronicity** Packet switching More * means has been studied more since 1996 1. Multimedia a. Display graphics alongside text b. Convergence of media c. Transmit the physical elements of human speech (voice and body messages) in addition to text d. Media considerations i. Social presence: The degree of salience of the other person in interaction and the consequent salience (and perceived intimacy and immediacy) of the interpersonal relationships make difference between FtF interaction and online interaction ii. Cues-filtered-out: Absence of context cues (e.g., facial expressions, gestures, voice intonations, appearance) may make online interaction distinct from FtF communication. iii. Information richness/media richness : Communication media have varying capacities for resolving ambiguity, negotiating interpretations, and facilitating understanding because they differ in the availability of instant feedback, and the capacity of the medium to transmit multiple cues, etc. iv.
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SPCM4900 Notes 1 - SPCM 4900 January 27 2011 Important...

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