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Many indigenous people believe everything is interrelated. Many believe everything is best represented in a circle; time and life are two examples. Many believe this circle has to maintain a natural balance and because of that, most indigenous people are taught how to develop and maintain relationships with everything seen and unseen I learned more of the Aboriginals from Australia this week, and I discovered that they consider the earth elements (rocks, lakes, seas, mountains) not as inanimate objects, but as living things. The Aboriginals feel one with the earth. Their relationship developed through communication with the earth and the believed spirits within. The Aboriginals believe you must ask a mountains permission before you can successfully climb it. In accordance to their belief that a mountain is a living thing this makes sense. You would not
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Unformatted text preview: invade a person’s space without prior permission if you respect them. I believe the spiritual purpose of the indigenous people’s practices and beliefs are in place for a common reason. To be feeling at one with or a part of means to feel love. The need for love is primal, and sought after by all beings. With love comes respect. You respect what you love and love what you respect (in some way shape or form). If the indigenous people believe they must do certain things to honor and cherish the earth and the spirits within, in an attempt to please these spirits and the earth, which in turn equates to love from these things (spirits and earth) then that explains their complete belief system (and a lot others!.)...
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