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The belief and practice of religion plays a prominent role in many lives. The various traditions are determined by the religious domination a person believes in. Ireland has experienced countless years of discontent and the difference of religions is the basis of the anguish. The Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics have displayed hostilities toward one another for centuries. Countless men and women have died in defense of their religious beliefs. However, it was not religious beliefs that begat this war, but social class. Nevertheless, the fight continues as the Protestants represent the prolonged interference by England in various Northern Ireland businesses, and the Catholics are said to represent the religion of the rebels, the socialists focused on Ireland freedom, and the poor. Scientology was in reality created by author L. Ron Hubbard. Many believe that Hubbard created
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Unformatted text preview: this religion for monetary gain. Followers of scientology disbelieve medicine can treat sickness and disease. The belief is that healing comes from within the mind that the power of the human mind can overcome any ailment. Famous actor John Travolta converted to scientology in his early acting career. During a family trip to the tropics, his son Jet passed away from what was believed to be Kawasaki disease. Kawasaki disease is a treatable illness. However, left untreated the disease can cause heart complications and seizures. Young Jet Travolta’s death is an unsettling example the effect religious beliefs can have on the lives of others. **I am so sorry this is late, I could not get the assignments to load yesterday**...
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