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The five major perspectives in the psychology field are as follows: Neuroscience Cognitive Behavioral Humanistic Psychodynamic The Neuroscience Perspective looks at how our cells are made up, the characteristic traits passed down to us via our family members, the way we react to things physically, how these physical reactions effects our thoughts and emotions, and the biological basis of behavior. A subfield of this perspective would be Behavioral Genetics . Behavioral genetics studies behavior based on in particular inherited traits. Other subfields include; Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Neuropsychology , Evolutionary Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Personality Psychology The Cognitive Perspective concentrates on the way a person perceives the world through their thought and understanding. It is an attempt to understand how certain though processes affect behavior. A subfield of this perspective is Cognitive Psychology , this subfield places and emphasis on the more in- depth mental thought processes. Other subfields include;
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