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The two subfields that struck my interest the most were behavioral genetics and clinical psychology. Addiction is believed by some to be inherited. Therefore, behavioral genetics would prove to be useful in assessing the possibility of it being inherited by the family. It is also said that addiction is a mental disease (psychological disorder if you will) therefore clinical psychology would prove beneficial in this aspect. I am confident that combinations of these subfields are often found in alcohol and drug rehabilitation
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Unformatted text preview: centers. These subfields are also common to mental health centers, hospitals, and possibly clinical self-help groups. I believe many problems can be addressed, treated, and eventually solved once the root of the issue has been detected whether mental or biological. Studies provide various perspectives of addiction and different psychological disorders, in addition to suggested treatment for the condition being studied. Once, I know what is wrong I can help, and I feel these two subfields will be most helpful!...
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