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Unformatted text preview: Federal Tax Research, Eighth Edition Page 7- 1 CHAPTER 7 LEGAL SERVICES and INTERNET SITES Discussion Questions 7-1. Lexis, for legal (tax) sources, was started in 1973 and Nexis, for news, financial, and business information, was started in 1979. Page 234 7-2. About the only tax data not available on LexisNexis are RIA and Westlaw services. Page 234 7-3. LexisNexis launched its tax service, Tax Center, in April, 2006. The advantage it provides over other LexisNexis services is the ability to perform a single search across the entire contents of Tax Center. Page 234 7-4. The CCH archives of the Standard Federal Tax Reporter would be useful to a tax researcher when needing to know what the tax law in a prior year, for instance, when a client is taking a tax issue to court. Page 236 7-5. A natural language search allows the researcher to enter a tax question in standard English (natural language) words, phrases, (entered within quotation marks) or sentences. The program determines the key terms for searching and relationships among the words (i.e., connectors to apply). This type of search is useful when the researcher is unsure as to which keywords would be the most effective. Page 236 7-6. LexisNexis interprets a space between words as signifying a connection of words in a phrase and not as “and” in the usual sense. Tax Analysts also treats a string of words as a phrase. Westlaw, on the other hand, treats a space between two words as an “or” not as an “and” or phrase connector. An “&” or the word “and” must be included to have an “and” connection. Pages 236, 242, and 248 Page 7-2 Instructors Manual 7-7. The date restriction is a particularly beneficial option when updating earlier research or when trying to locate tax law for a prior tax year. Page 236 7-8. Tax Center allows the researcher to narrow the documents retrieved by performing a FOCUS term search within the original results. Page 236 7-9. To use the Get a Document feature of Tax Center, the researcher must know the citation in a LexisNexis recognizable format. Page 236 7-10. A keyword search using the taxpayer’s name and selecting a case database should be used in the LexisNexis Tax Center service. Page 236 7-11. The two companies that dominant legal & tax publications and services are Reed Elsevier and Thomson. These corporations are two of the largest publishing and information providers in the world. Reed Elsevier, an Anglo-Dutch company, is the parent company of LexisNexis and Thomson owns Westlaw, RIA and WG&L. Page 237 7-12. LexisNexis Academic is a customized version of LexisNexis offered to academic institutions and public libraries. The libraries and databases offered on Academic vary with the subscription. Generally, primary tax documents and secondary news, law review, and journal articles are included....
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8e-sm-07 - Federal Tax Research, Eighth Edition Page 7- 1...

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