Wireless Network Components Week3 Ass

Wireless Network Components Week3 Ass - Wireless Network...

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Wireless Network Components Travis Prine 7/29/2011 IT/241 I am going to explain the different devices that are used on a network. I will show how they may relate to other devices, and there approximate average cost. Wireless router
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A wireless router is used to direct the flow of traffic between computers that are on a network. You still need a modem to access the internet. You can connect the wireless router to the modem to give internet access. A wireless router is necessary to connect all devices on a wireless network. The average price for a wireless router is aprox. $100.00 ( tigerdirect.com) Computer A computer is described as an electronic device used for storing data. It is instructed using variable programming. This means a cell phone, hand held device, laptop, and a pc are all considered computers. I don’t think they are optional for a wireless network, these make up the network, and are usually necessary for the use of scanners, printers, keyboards, mouse, and other connectible network devices. The average cost for a computer is anywhere from a cell phone $ 429.00 (tmobile.com), to a laptop $ 789.00 (bestbuy.com), to a home pc, $450.00 (walmart.com) Firewall A firewall can be seen as any barrier designed to stop the spread of a destructive agent. It is a device or more then one device that is used to allow or not allow network transmissions based on a set of rules. It is used to prevent unauthorized access onto a network. It is an optional device, some choose not to use firewalls because it can stop programs that the user wants because it may
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Wireless Network Components Week3 Ass - Wireless Network...

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