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Week 3 checkpoint - bandwidth for todays WLANs. The...

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Week 3 checkpoint Wireless Network Standards 802.11b can support standard wireless devices that are up to 115 meters apart. But, the devices that are that far away may not get 11mbps transmitting signal. Radio waves can decrease the power over distance. 802.11a is supposed to transmit at a higher rate of speed, a maximum rate of 54mbps and supports 48,36,24,18,12,9, and 6 mbps transmissions using the U-NII band. The products for 802.11a did not start appearing till late 2001 while 802.11b products began appearing immediately. 802.11g. This was the best of both worlds IEEE standard, matching 802.11b and 802.11a standards, accepting features of the previous standards while increasing data transfer speed. This standard was ratified in 2003. It was seen to be compromised based on input from several different chip manufacturers. 802.11n was introduced in 2004, this was to be a new standard that would significantly increase
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Unformatted text preview: bandwidth for todays WLANs. The proposal was to have speeds from 100mbps to 500 mbps, depending on which proposal was approved. As for standards, I believe they are necessary for everyone to enjoy technology as it comes. If there werent any standards I think prices would differ for new products, not allowing everyone that cant afford the specific upgrade, or software, or adapters to use the new technology. It also allows for everyone to experience the technology coming out, as it comes out meeting standards. Standards are important to allow everyone a chance to enjoy, without having to purchase special equipment every time something new surfaces. It also allows different vendors to market their products following the standards to allow all equipment to function regardless of manufacturer and production design....
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