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Axia College Material Appendix D Floor Plan Site Survey Data Sheet The following tables will help you gather the data necessary for analyzing each of the five floor plans in the Floor Plan Site Survey exercise. As you go through the exercise, complete the information in each table. The information gathered in this assignment will assist you in your final project. Conference Center Explain the major features of this floor plan. For example, are there large open spaces, large walls, cubes, or offices? Large open spaces, all wood walls accept one concrete wall in the bathroom, Identify areas of this floor plan that may present issues when designing your network. Why will these areas present issues? For each area identified, what can you do to overcome the issue? Around the bathroom, because of the concrete wall in between. I would place an AP on the other corner of the building to ensure a good signal for both sides. The phone switching room may cause interference. The elevator also may cause interference, for these areas you may need to install a more powerful output AP to overcome the interference, or use a different antenna to provide a different configuration. Based on your site survey, do you think that placing the wireless access point in the data center is an ideal location? Would you place it somewhere else in the building? Do you think it will be necessary to have multiple access points in this building? I don’t think it is a good idea because where the signal is strong there really isn’t any offices, or waiting type rooms. I would think a better place to place a data room would be in the room between the storage, and the other room. I think that having one access point there would work ok, if I were to add more then one AP I would leave the data center since there and place another access point on the opposite wall across from the conference room below the switching room, maybe
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it241_appendix_d - Axia College Material Appendix D Floor...

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