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Checkpoint- Site Survey Benefits Memo: There are huge benefits to conducting a site survey. One of the most important factors is being able to achieve the best possible performance from our WLAN. The survey will help me to determine the best place to position wireless access points, this way I can fulfill the organizations requirements fully. Conducting a site survey will also help me to locate and eliminate any unauthorized access points preventing outsiders from access our network. While conducting a site survey I can also locate and hopefully remedy any type of interference that may inhibit the WLAN and its reach throughout our building. The site survey will also allow me to determine what output powers I may need for different access points, this will ensure that every user that is and needs to access the WLAN, can without issue. The tools I will need are as follows. I will need to acquire the type of access point we will be using, it doesn’t make since to conduct the survey using a different AP, it would
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