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Conducting a Site Survey Excercisewk5

Conducting a Site Survey Excercisewk5 - " OnDemand...

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Unformatted text preview: -" OnDemand Workbench - Windows Internet Explorer provid IQ httpszdcm.tcclwire.ccmftrainirigfjsofcdwfframesetfil.jsp?labName=MSv_241-SB3 Table of Contents if i. E:. AC RDNYHS This section contains a list of acronyms used within this lab. Summary Tattle Inspecting the neighboring WLAN net-.nrorks AD Active Directory BIIII] Berkeley hternet Harrie Domai't Interviewing the management executives Studying similar installations That’s Correct! E Please read this e-mail from Michael Elcnc, Director IT, for more into. 1D. Site Survev Report ,2” The ttnel step to conducting a ette eurvev Ie creating the Elite Eturvev Report Domain Controller Dishituted Fie System Dvn amic H ost Con figuration Protocol Domai'i Marne Service 111! customer File Replication Service Ghbal Catabg Server the type ofvttreleee deviceeto he need Group Policy Cloiect Local Area Network . . the reconmendettone Microsoft Solutions Framework Organizational Uni Remote Authentication Dial In User Service Routing and Remote Access Service That’s Incorrect. E Please read this e-mail from Michael Elono, Director IT, For more info. Transmission Control Protocol: Internet Protocol "I.I"'I'tual Private Network Wide Area Network Wred Equivalent Pn'vacv Windows: Internet Marne ['5 '7'. .. l'r'I .. ...
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