500150 200 x 200 x 125 x 125x le chateliers principle

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Unformatted text preview: L‐1) 0.500+1.50 =2.00 ‐x 2.00 ‐ x 1.25 +x 1.25 + x Le Chatelier’s principle If the condition of equilibrium of reaction mixture is If the condition of equilibrium of a reaction mixture is disturbed by either a change of concentrations of species, or by change of temperature, then the relative concentrations of reactants and products will change in such a way as to minimize the imposed change. x 1.07 mol L-1 After equilibriu m is re - established butane 2.00 x 0.93 mol L-1 isobutane 1.25 x 2.32 mol L-1 Disturbing Reaction Mixtures at Equilibrium Disturbing Reaction Mixtures at Equilibrium Effect of Changing Concentrations Adding or removing reactants or products If Reagents are added to, or removed from, an equilibrium mixture so that Q < K, then Equilibrium would be re-established by net reaction of reactants to products (increasing Q) Q). This is consistent with application of Le Chatelier’s principle. Effect of Changing Concentrations Changing the Volume of a Gas-Phase Reaction Mix A volume decrease (increase) of a gaseous reaction mixture at equilibrium will lead to a new equilibrium condition by net reaction that results in a decrease (increase) in the number of molecules in...
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