At 50 c left k is smaller and the reaction mixture

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Unformatted text preview: N2O4(g). • At 50 °C (left), K is smaller, and the reaction mixture contains a relatively high concentration of NO2 , as indicated by the darker brown colour. Effect of a Catalyst on Equilibrium moles of substance A catalyst changes the mechanism of a reaction to one with a lower activation ti energy. A catalyst has no effect on the condition of equilibrium. But does affect the rate at which equilibrium ffect he hich quilibrium is attained. Which of the following k statements is correct? CO(g) 3H2 (g) CH4 (g) H 2O(g) k 1. At equilibrium the reaction stops. 3 f r 2. At equilibrium the rate constants for the forward and reverse reactions are equal. 3. At equilibrium the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are equal. 4. At equilibrium the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are zero. 2 1 0 H2 CO CH4 = H2O time 9 Which of the following statements is correct? For the reaction of sulfur dioxide with oxygen, which of the following plots of pressure versus time is correct. You should not require the use of a calculator. pr...
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