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FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES FRESHMAN PROGRAM ________________________________________________________________________________ SEMESTER : WINTER 2011 COURSE: AEPH 114 INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS 2 INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Marcia Knutt LECTURES : MF 12:35-13:25, W 13:35-14:25 in Raymond R2-045 TUTORIAL : MF 13:35-14:25 in Raymond R2-045 *** Wednesday 12:35-13:25 is for AEPH 115 (Engineering) students only *** IN-CLASS OFFICE HOURS : Wednesday 14:35-15:35 in Raymond R2-045 LABS: Mandatory labs are 2 hours long, held in Barton B1-015. For details of your specific section, see your Minerva timetable. LECTURER COORDINATES : Prof. M. Knutt, Macdonald-Stewart MS1-022, 514-398-7976 Office Hours: email me for an appointment Email: Email messages must be addressed to the instructor email address in WebCT. Email will only be accepted from (and sent to) official McGill student email accounts and WebCT email accounts. Note that it is your responsibility to check your official accounts for notices if you regularly use another email address. Set appropriate forwarding if necessary! PREREQUISITE: AEPH-112 and AEMA 101, or equivalent COREQUISITE: AEMA 102 (Calculus 2 - Integral Calculus) or instructor permission. REQUIRED ITEMS: College Physics, 2 nd ed., by Knight, Jones & Field, Pearson/Addison-Wesley 2010 College Physics Student Workbook, by Knight & Andrews, Pearson/Addison- Wesley 2010 Mastering Physics Software Access Key SRS Clicker non-programmable, non-graphing calculator (Good references: Just-in-Time Algebra & Trigonometry for Early Transcendental Calculus, 3 rd ed., Mueller & Brent, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2006; and College Physics, 8 th ed., by Young & Geller, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2007) SYLLABUS: We shall cover almost all of the material in the textbook that is in chapters 17-26. This includes Geometrical and Physical Optics, Electric Forces and Fields, Electric Potential, Capacitance, Current & Resistance, DC Circuits, Magnetic Fields & Forces, Sources of Magnetic Field, Electromagnetic Induction, EM Waves, AC Circuits. Not all sections will be covered in all
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FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES FRESHMAN PROGRAM ________________________________________________________________________________ chapters, nor in equal depth; a much more detailed list of the course material is available on WebCT under . EVALUATION: Activity Percentage Dates Online Assignments 11 several due before each midterm Participation (SRS Clickers) 3 daily Labs 11 weekly Midterms (2) 2 x 25 = 50 CC Ballroom, during class time slot Mandatory Formal Final Exam 25 TBA As per Faculty regulations, no supplemental exams are allowed; no additional work is
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