ACT case - ACT ! ACT! is an award-winning contact...

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ACT! ACT! is an award-winning contact management software that integrates personal databases on accounts with calendar management, word processing, and other computer software applications. Sort of a combination between a card file and calendar, the software enables salespeople to quickly identify prospects for new products, search for prospects in a given area, and other similar applications. In addition, all call records are maintained in a manner that enables salespeople to instantly recall personal information about any individual inside any account. The product sells for a suggested retail of $199 (check the home page [] and use the most recent price) with a trade discount of 50 percent. ACT! wins a lot of awards (see the home page for a complete listing) for its ease of use and functionality. The home page also has a lot of reviews of ACT! and other packages, so read it to understand features and benefits more fully. You may also want to check out GoldMine’s website ( because GoldMine is a major competitor to ACT! ACT! offers retailers quantity discounts of 5 percent for orders of 100 or more sent to one location, as well as co-op advertising copayment. Essentially, the copayment is $100 for any ad that is at least 25 percent of a page devoted to ACT!, or 50 percent (whichever amount is smaller) for ads that are less than a quarter-page. Cash discounts are also offered at 2/10, n30. ACT! offers network pricing, which can apply if all reps are using PCs at work and not using laptops. Laptops must use the non-network version (and pay the appropriate pricing). Laptops can hook into a network and use ACT! when logged in, but not when not logged in. Here are the network prices:
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ACT case - ACT ! ACT! is an award-winning contact...

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