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Callaway Golf designs, creates, builds, and markets golf products that are superior and different from those of their competitors. Their commitment is that each new product must be a significant improvement not only in relation to their competitors, but also in relation to existing Callaway products. The company, founded by Ely Callaway, is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium golf clubs and maker of golf balls and putters. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as ELY. Callaway products are designed and built in Carlsbad, California and the firm employs some 2,500 employees. Callaway makes many items for golfers. Their line of golf clubs includes Big Bertha (drivers and irons), Steelhead (woods and irons), ERC (drivers and fairway woods), and Hawk Eye (woods and irons). They also produce and market Odyssey Putters, Callaway golf balls, and a full range of accessories (headwear, gloves, golf bags, and so on). For this role-play, you’ll be selling the Diablo Edge Driver. A driver is the club that the golfer usually uses to tee off at the start of each hole. Golfers want their drivers to help them hit long, straight shots. Over the past 15 years, a great deal of high-tech research has gone into making drivers that do just that. Students should visit for more details about the company and this particular golf club. The Diablo Edge Driver comes in a variety of configurations to suit the exact needs of each individual golfer. Golfers can choose from a host of four lofts, both left-and right-hand heads, and a variety of shafts. The club is designed for both men and women. On Callaway’s website, golfers can locate the nearest stores, country clubs, and golf course pro shops that
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Callaway Drivers case - CallawayDiabloEdgeDrivers Callaway...

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