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Copytalk - Copytalk How many times each day does a...

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Copytalk How many times each day does a well-connected sales professional need to take notes after an important meeting or check e-mail while out of the office? The need for professionals to manage information is critical and products and services that make this task easier have been proven to increase sales and productivity. Copytalk offers a variety of mobile services for today’s busy, on-the-go professional. Two of their key services include Mobile Scribe and Mobile E-mail. Mobile Scribe allows a professional to call from any phone and leave up to 4 minutes of dictation. Within 24 hours, the notes are transcribed and e-mailed to the professional and up to 4 other e-mail addresses. You can send yourself and others important notes and reminders right from your cell phone. This service is $59.95 per month. Mobile E-mail allows business people to manage their e-mail from anywhere so long as they have a phone. Imagine being able to check e-mail messages and send replies from your cell phone using only your voice.
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