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Dynamat Dynamat is a “premium engineered sound control material” manufactured by Dynamic Control that has a large number of applications. It can be used as a liner to minimize noise in the car, home and workplace. It is sometimes used in the installation of high-end car audio systems; for this application, it can be used to line the floors, doors and other interior metal surfaces of the automobile to absorb unwanted noise created by rattling car parts, vibrating speakers and road noise. It provides a much quieter ride when such distractions occur. You are calling on Supreme Audio Designs, a chain of retail stores specializing in high- end home and mobile audio equipment. They pride themselves on their system design expertise and boast an award-winning installation team. They have 21 stores in the Southeast US. Currently, they are at the end of a 3 month test period where they carried
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Unformatted text preview: your Xtreme product line in 2 of their high-volume stores. They receive a 50% trade discount off of each product’s MSRP. Purchase terms are 2/10, net/30. Products & Pricing For Speaker Applications: Dynamat’s Xtreme Speaker Kit $ 19.95 For Doors: Dynamat’s Xtreme Door Kit $ 89.95 For Floors, Trunk & Rear Deck: Dynamat’s Xtreme Wedge Pak $ 34.95 Dynamat’s Xtreme Bulk Pak $ 249.95 Dynamat’s competition includes B-Quiet and Stinger’s Road Kill. You have a follow-up meeting with Terry Parker, Mobile Audio Buyer, to see how their test stores have done with the product line and hopefully, secure an order to have the Xtreme line available in all 21 stores. Helpful web sites include: www.dynamat.com http://www.advanceautoparts.com/english/youcan/html/res/res20041001sd.html...
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