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Unformatted text preview: K.C. MASTERPIECE K.C. Masterpiece has become a well-known national brand of barbecue sauces. It was developed by Rick Davis in Kansas City, Missouri, one of the BBQ capitals of the United States. Rick Davis was a very successful BBQ restaurant operator in Kansas City. Diners would ask Mr. Davis if he would sell them some of his delicious sauce “to go,” and the commercial distribution of K.C. Masterpiece sauce began. According to BBQ gourmets, there are a number of distinctive, regional styles of BBQ sauces. Principal among the styles are the Texas, Kentucky, Pacific Northwest, Carolinas and Kansas City formulations. Most BBQ sauces contain mixtures of spices, tomato paste, vinegar, molasses and other sweeteners such as honey or corn syrup. The precise combinations of these common ingredients lead to creating the regional styles. The Carolinas version, for example, has more vinegar than the others, giving it more “acidic tang.” K.C. Masterpiece sauce is the leading national brand of the highly popular Kansas City style. It is K....
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