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exam1studyguide - How is sport business different today...

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Sport Marketing Exam I Study Guide Text Chapters 1, 15 Marketing through sports v. Marketing of sports Strategies for marketing through sports Marketing of sports categories Why is sport marketing education important? Economic impact of sports on business Components and examples Career opportunities & trends in sport marketing What is segmentation? Why is it important? Broad categories used by marketers to segment the spectator sport marketplace Which are most useful? Author’s 6 specific criteria for segmenting sports fans Author’s 6 segments of sports fans – based on his 6 criteria Segmenting fans in the participation market 5 segments and examples of each Elusive Fan Chapters 1, 2 & 3 What is the secret to survival in the sport business industry? Constraints faced by today’s fans Seven characteristics of today’s sport business marketplace
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Unformatted text preview: How is sport business different today than it was in its early stages? The story of “The Long Count” The critical dimensions looked at when studying the 3 different generations of fans The Monopoly Generation The TV Generation The Highlight Generation Reasons why people are attracted to a sport & choose one sport over another What are the rewards, risks and implications of each? Five ways fans are reached by sports The fan decision making process and its importance Fan decision factors – know how the numbers work The seven buyer roles played by fans The seven levels of fan involvement How do you move a fan from one level of involvement to another? General tips: Study the lists Know the vocabulary – i.e. An “Attacher” is someone who…...
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