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MAR 4711 Exam 3 Study Guide This is not a comprehensive list of every small detail to be covered on the exam. It is only a general guide to use while studying. Good luck! Exam will cover text chapters 3, 4, 9, 10 & 14. (out of the orange text) What is a sponsorship? How does it differ from advertising? What are the advantages of advertising? Name and describe each advantage What are the advantages of sponsorship? Name and describe each advantage Various categories/types of sponsorship Parties to the sponsorship Controversial issues w/sponsorship Objectives of sponsorship Importance of each Components of sponsorship What does a comprehensive sponsorship agreement look like? (p. 82) Why is it more important than ever to carefully weigh sponsorship options
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Unformatted text preview: When are pre-event evaluations needed? Steps in the pre-event evaluation process – what happens in each of them? How marketers apply the evaluation process What is benchmarking How to measure the effectiveness of a sponsorship Concerns surrounding post-event evaluation How accountable is the sponsee ***SKIP THIS SECTION: New & Improved Measures*** What is licensing? History of licensing What is intellectual property How does brand equity impact licensing agreements Characteristics of licensing agreements Benefits of licensing, for the licensee and the licensor Problems with counterfeit and other infringements; remedies for these problems...
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