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TAX 6845 – Tax Planning and Consulting Case Part 1: Investment issues & the loss limiters (30 points) To be completed in small groups 2-3 due date: September 13, 2011 Introduction : Steve and Julie Stumberg, both age 50, have been successful in their business and investment dealings. They have no children. As we join them, we look at investments they have recently made. Over the course of the semester we will follow them as they start a business in which Steve initially participates, expand the business, sell the business, develop a financial plan, and plan for their retirement years. This allows us to look at tax issues relating to starting a business – organizational form, capital structure, accounting methods and other tax elections. Followed by the increasingly complex tax issues they face as they grow the business – property transactions, employee compensation, retirement savings, state and local taxes, deferred taxes and the corporate alternative minimum tax. Julie is an attorney who works for an airline. Steve just left an executive position with a large agri-business and is looking to get started in something new. The tax year is 2011
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fall_2011_case_1_investment_issues - TAX 6845 Tax Planning...

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