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Study questions - Biology 1103 Tuesday August 16, 2011 Lecture #1 Review and print out the syllabus posted on eLC. Read pages 20- 27 in your textbook. . 1) In the search for alien life, what criteria would be needed to show that life existed on Mars? 2) Can you list and give examples of the five functional traits shared by all living organisms? Review the PowerPoint slides from today’s lecture. 1) Be able to answer the following questions about the defining features of life on Earth: a) What five elements are found in all living things? b) What are the four macromolecules found in living things?
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Unformatted text preview: c) What do all cells have in common? What is the difference between prokaryotic and a eukaryotic cells? d) What molecule is found in all cells and is responsible for the continuity of life from our own day throughout the entire past history of life? e) How can we trace our energy of metabolism back to the sun? What is the difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration? f) What is homeostasis? g) How does evolution account for the unity and diversity of life? 2) Can you list all the levels of the biological hierarchy starting with the atom?...
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