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Study Questions - Biology 1103 – Lecture #3 08-23-11 After attending lecture and studying chapter 2 you should be able to: 1. Draw and label a simplified model of an atom – showing the relationship of proton, neutrons and electrons. 2. Explain the periodic table and the atomic number and mass number of an atom. If you have an atomic number of 10, how may protons do you have? How many electrons? 3 What is a stable electronic configuration? How many electrons fill the first shell?, how
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Unformatted text preview: many the second?, how many the third? 4. Can you explain a covalent bond? What is the valence of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon? 5. What is an ionic bond? What is an ion? What happens when you dissolve NaCl in water? 6. Can you distinguish between nonpolar covalent and polar covalent molecules? 7. What is a hydrogen bond such as between water molecules? Why is ice less dense than liquid water?...
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