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HTM 421: Class Discussion Questions Food and Culture What is acculturation and why is it described as a process? When is the process complete? Acculturation is when people from one cultural group move to an area with different cultural norms and adaptation to the new ‘majority’ begins. It’s described as a process because it happens gradually, in stages. Acculturation ends when assimilation happens. In the consumer choice model of food selection, many influences are discussed (taste, cost, etc.). Briefly explain some of the primary factors that influence food choices for a
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Unformatted text preview: single mother of young children who lives in the ‘inner city’ or a large urban area and who does not own her own car. Order of importance: (1) Cost— limited budget, multiple kids (2) Convenience—lack of car (3) Health—what’s healthy for her kids • “Commensalism” regarding sharing food and dining together implies that something is owed to another. What is owed in commensalism? Commensalism, for our purposes, means “who can dine together?” The ability to eat with somebody (w/ regards to race, gender, caste system, etc.) RESPECT is owed in commensalism....
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