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HM421 Intro to Wine: Discussion Questions 1. What is wine? Wine is the result of processing and subsequent fermentation of juice from grapes. 2. Table wine is designed to ___accompany food______ and is the most common type of wine consumed in the U.S., making up over 90% of the market. 3. A table wine is a __still__ wine, relatively _dry__, with a moderate alcohol content (11-15%). 4. ___ means the percentage of sugar by weight. 5. Define fermentation. f&& --the process whereby yeasts convert the natural sugar in the grapes into alcohol and carbon dioxide 6. __ Acidity _ is a natural component of wine responsible for the zesty, refreshing qualities of wine. It also helps the wine to age. 7. _ Tannin __ is a compound derived from the skins, seeds, and stems of the grapes and from the barrels. 8. The first wine was probably made from _ _dates__ or other ___ tree fruits __ native to the region. 9. Both the _ Egyptians ___ and _ Phoenicians ___ produced wines from grapevines that were specifically cultivated for that purpose. 10. Expansion of the Greek empire introduced wine and wine making to areas such as _ north Africa __, _ southwest France __, and much of the __ Italian ___ mainland. 11. The Greeks stores their wines in containers called __ Amphorae ____ 12. The Greeks created a deity __ Dionysus ___, in honor of wine. 13. The Romans began the process of __ trellising _ vines off the ground by training them to grow _up and down tress __, a practice that is still followed in parts of Italy and Portugal. HTM421-Summer 2010 1
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HM421 Intro to Wine: Discussion Questions 14. Like the Greeks, the Romans had a deity of wine named _ Bacchus ___. 15.
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HM421_Intro_to_Wine_LectureQues_smr2010 - HM421...

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