HTM_421_Reading_Assi - Emerald Du HTM 421 Reading Assignment Questions “Fast Food Nation.the Dark Side of the all-American Meal” • Anaheim

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Unformatted text preview: Emerald Du HTM 421 Reading Assignment Questions “Fast Food Nation..the Dark Side of the all-American Meal” • Anaheim, California had been settled in the late nineteenth century by two different immigrant groups. Who were they and what did they hope to accomplish? The two groups were the Germans and the Polish. The Germans hoped to create a local wine industry; the Polish was trying to establish a “back-to-the-land” artistic community. • While the cities in the East expanded through immigration and became more diverse, what happened at the same time to Los Angeles and why? Los Angeles became more homogenous and white because Midwesterners began migrating in, lured by ads for a warmer climate and better life. • What made the migration of people to Los Angeles different that to any other city? It was the first large-scale migration conducted mainly by car. • What were the two inspiring innovations as a result of the ‘car culture’? Car culture led to the creation of the world’s first motel and the first drive-in bank. • What was Carl Karcher’s philosophy? “Never give up.” ...
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