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Kurland ENG 310 (Summer) Preparing For Your Final Exam Final Exam Policies These practice writing suggestions will help prepare you for the essay topic. However, for the exam, you WILL NOT be able to bring in any drafts of writing that you wrote while preparing for the exam. You WILL be able to bring in the following: o One note card with brief notes, an outline and/or a thesis statement written on it—that is ALL! o If I find that you have notes of any kind, beyond your note card you will receive an immediate NC. No second chances! o You may use a clean (unmarked) copy of the final exam reading and an English-only paper dictionary when you write your exam. o Optional: You may also bring ONE other reading (from your research essay or from the class reading material (a clean unmarked copy) which you think may be useful for your support.
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Unformatted text preview: • When you turn in your exam on Day 1, you must staple the reading(s) and note-card to the back of your essay. • Although I will not grade your exam until you have finished it on Day 2, you are required to turn it in before you leave the classroom on Day 1. Any exams that are not turned in on Day 1 will receive a grade of NC. NOTE: You need to receive at least a C on your final exam to pass ENG 310 1. Re-read “Use Energy, Get Rich and Save the Planet” by John Tierney 2. Practice summarizing Tierney’s thesis in 1-2 sentences. 3. Make a list of arguments & evidence Tierney provides to support his thesis. 4. Practice writing: Consider Tierney’s arguments and respond to his opinion. Do you agree/disagree/partially agree? What arguments and evidence can you provide to support your own opinion?...
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