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Student Information Sheet ENGLISH 310 Summer 2010 Your student ID number: _________________ Your email address: _______________________ Can I include your email on a class email list? Yes ______ No ______ Last name: _________________ First name: _________________ Name we should use in class: _________________ Address: _________________ Phone number: _________________ Class level (circle one): Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Visa status (circle one): F-1 residentcitizen other: Native country: _________________ Native language: _________________ What other languages do you speak/read/write? _________________ How long have you lived in the U.S.? _____ How many units are you taking this semester? _____ Where did you go to high school? _________________
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Unformatted text preview: Did you attend another college? _____ If yes, which one? ___________________________ Do you currently have a job? _____ If yes, how many hours do you work per week_____ ? If you have taken any of the following courses at SFSU, please indicate this on the chart. Please indicate if you are repeating this course. If you are enrolled in any of these classes this semester, please write “NOW” in the SEMESTER column. COURSE SEMESTER INSTRUCTOR GRADE ALI 201/202 204 208 212 209 310 Tell me 2 interesting things about yourself that you enjoy doing (i.e. I am a great soccer player) Is there anything else I should know about you or that you'd like to share with me about yourself?...
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