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Sample_Research_Proposal - How many children are obese What...

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SAMPLE RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1. Topic : Obesity 2. The Issue : Obesity is becoming a very critical problem for children and adolescents, causing serious health issues. The availability of junk food almost everywhere, even in school cafeterias, makes this problem even worse and extremely hard to solve. When children become obese in childhood, they are likely to grow up to be obese adults with lifelong health problems. A major factor contributing to this problem is that junk food manufacturers and fast food corporations target children and teenagers in many of their advertisements. In addition, I’ve heard that junk food corporations not only pay schools to advertise for them, but also pay them to allow junk food vending machine in the schools. 3. Research question: How do advertisements and other marketing campaigns for junk food which are aimed at children and teenagers contribute to the problem of childhood and adult obesity in our society? 4. Questions I will need to answer in my research
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Unformatted text preview: : How many children are obese? What are the health risks of obesity? Are our children showing signs of health risk already? Why do children overeat? How do advertisers for junk foods create ad campaigns that attract children? What is the effect of these advertisements on kids? How are junk food corporations using schools to aid them in their campaigns? Are there any regulations regarding these advertisements and marketing campaigns? Can junk food corporations be held legally responsible for irresponsible advertising? 5. My opinion now : Right now, I think that fast food corporations and junk food manufacturers may be profiting by getting kids addicted to junk food, but I also think that parents need to take responsibility for teaching their kids to make healthy choices. After I find some evidence and expert opinions on this issue, I’ll find out how much impact these marketing campaigns really have on kids’ health....
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