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Name: Essay #3 Evaluatio n Portfolio Material Included: Criteria Excellent Good Adequate Needs Work 1. Thesis / Focus & Organization Does your thesis clearly state a response to your research question? Does your essay reflect the direction of your thesis and follow a logical order to support this thesis? 2. Development/Support Does each paragraph have one main point? Are these points developed with reasons , evidence and analysis ? Does the evidence include effective references to at least 5 outside sources? Do the body paragraphs connect to one another? Are they all connected to the thesis? 3. Synthesis
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Unformatted text preview: Do you effectively combine ideas and integrate quotes and paraphrased information from the source texts? 4. Introduction/Conclusion Does the introduction catch the reader’s attention , provide background information on the issue and effectively lead to & present the main idea ? Is the conclusion appropriate and effective? 5. APA Citation Do you use APA accurately? 6. Sentence Craft & Grammar Has the paper been carefully proofread? Are the connections and transitions between sentences and ideas fluent or choppy? Is there a variety sentence structures?...
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