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Asian_US (2 slides)[1] - Return of Hong Kong to mainland...

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1 Asians in the United States Kittler and Sucher, Food and Culture. Thomson/Wadsworth Part of The Chinese-American Experience Film SF State AV #85872 Chinese in the U.S. Chinese immigration to U.S. early 1850 s 1848 gold in Calif. Still Land of the Golden Mountain Mining later less lucrative, Chinese started businesses, e.g. restaurant owners/laundries. 1863 Central Pacific Line - built by 10,000 Chinese workers. 1870 - 63,000 male Chinese all in West Coast. 1882 - Chinese Exclusion Act. Chinese immigrants were from Guangdong or Canton. Mostly worked and returned. 1920, population dropped to 1870 levels.
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2 Chinese in the U.S. (2) Chinese Congregated in Chinatown. Largest in S.F. Conditions crowded; no assimilation. 1943 - could become naturalized U.S. citizens. After War II, Chinese are better educated. Recent Immigrants Communism caused exodus Pro-democrat demonstration Tiananmen Square in 1989 - Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992.
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Unformatted text preview: Return of Hong Kong to mainland China Taiwan’s uncertain future incr. immigration Chinese in the U.S. (3) 2/3 Asians foreign born Mostly in CA 2/3 Asians foreign born. Mostly in CA, NY Chinese Americans value education. College & graduate degrees with professional employment. Mostly in upper and middle classes. upper and middle classes. Recent immigrants not as educated and work in low-paying jobs. BI-POLAR population. 3 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2008 Report Education 49% Asians ages >25 have a bachelor’s degree compares with 27% all Americans ages> 25. 20% Asians have graduate (master’s or doctorate) or prof. degrees compares w 10% for all Americans ( Source : 2006 Am. Comm. Survey) Household Income $64,238 median household income for single-race Asians in 2006, the highest among all race groups ( Source : Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S.: 2006)...
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Asian_US (2 slides)[1] - Return of Hong Kong to mainland...

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