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China_religion (4 slides)[1]

China_religion (4 slides)[1] - Confucious(551-479BC...

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8/17/2009 1 Religion Confucianism Taoism Kittler and Sucher, Food and Culture. Thomson/Wadsworth Confucianism SF State AV #81152 1 Asian Religious Practices Often a combination of ancestor worship, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Early Religion Ancient times amixture Ancient times - a mixture of ancestor worship and respect for forces of Heaven (Tien). Ceremonies for the dead are - prominent Chinese religious practice. The dead depend on the living, and can influence the living. 2 Confucious (551-479BC) The most influential philosopher in human history. His is still VERY MUCH today. China’s first teacher – formed the basis of Chinese culture and other Asian culture – especially Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese culture Born a chaotic time – warriors ruthless… teenage mother taught him school. Greatest teacher in China Age 30 – wanted to restore peace; make a better world. Education could improve lives. Later, brought prosperity to China. Other than the gender issue; his philosophy still works!!! 3,000 disciples; 72 true followers. Died at age 72. Confucious was celebrated as the uncrowned king; treated like a god; a cultural hero. 3 Confucianism Confucius: philosopher distinguished for wisdom … gave order to Chinese society… defined ways in which people should live. www.nipissingu.ca 4
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8/17/2009 2 Confucianism - cornerstones Fatherly love; filial piety in the son.
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China_religion (4 slides)[1] - Confucious(551-479BC...

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