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1 Religion Hinduism, Islam Kittler and Sucher, Food and Culture. Thomson/Wadsworth Part of Film on “Hinduism & Buddhism” SF State AV #81151 Part of Film on “India: SF State AV #89460 Hinduism World’s oldest religion. Third largest religion. Basis of other religions, such as Buddhism. Goal - to make humans one with the Universal Spirit or Supreme Being. When this is achieved, there is no cause and effect, no time and space, no good and evil; all dualities are merged into oneness. This goal can only be obtained by transforming human consciousness or liberation into divine consciousness. Divine consciousness is not achieved in one lifetime (Hindus believe that the present life is only one in a series of lives or reincarnations). Hinduism believe in rebirth - passes through a series of lives before obtaining liberation; the law of karma ( justice? ). Present life is the result of what one did in one’s past life. In each new incarnation (birth of the living; generally a human), one’s soul moves up and down the spiritual ladder. Hinduism Believe that the world evolved in successive stages. Spirit first appears as life in plants, then consciousness in animals, then intelligence in humans and finally bliss in the supreme spirit. A good person is closer to supreme spirit than a bad person or an animal.
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2 Hinduism Truth, beauty, love and righteousness are of higher importance than intellectual values or biological values (e.g. health or strength). Material values (riches, pleasure) are the least. People are ranked by their spiritual progress, not according to their wealth or power. Hinduism Brahman is the Supreme Spirit. All gods worshipped by men are partial manifestations of Brahman. Supreme Spirit is beyond time, space and causation. Hindus choose the form of the supreme being that is an object of love and adoration. Hinduism very tolerant of other gods; and many different religions have been absorbed into Hinduism.
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India_religions_4_slides[1] - Hinduism Religion Hinduism,...

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