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Presentation Evaluation Rubric Research Paper Presentation You must present your research paper visually. You may present a PowerPoint slide show, or a short video. You will be given 5 minutes to do your presentation. The presentation should focus on your thesis, your analysis, and your conclusion. Criteria Possible  Points Points  Earned Presentation is visually creative (e.g. no words and long  paragraphs) 20 Topic is clear from the beginning and thesis is presented. 5 The images match the content of speech. The images  enhance the ideas being presented. 15 Thesis is clearly stated: verbally and visually 5 A summary of your findings, arguments, and conclusion is  presented visually, with graphs, charts, images, and word  economy. 5 Comments: Research Paper Presentation
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Unformatted text preview: You must present your research paper visually. You may present a PowerPoint slide show, or a short video. You will be given 5 minutes to do your presentation. The presentation should focus on your thesis, your analysis, and your conclusion. Criteria Possible Points Points Earned Presentation is visually creative (e.g. no words and long paragraphs) 20 Topic is clear from the beginning and thesis is presented. 5 The images match the content of speech. The images enhance the ideas being presented. 15 Thesis is clearly stated: verbally and visually 5 A summary of your findings, arguments, and conclusion is presented visually, with graphs, charts, images, and word economy. 5 Comments:...
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Presentation_Evaluation_Rubric_Research_Paper - You must...

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