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Research Paper Rubric Student Name: __________________________ Yes Test: You must receive all “yeses” for your paper to be scored. Any “no” will stop the process—and will be an automatic “0” Yes No Basic Requirement 1. Paper typed 2. Thesis clearly stated in intro and referenced in the conclusion 3. Correct documentation style used in text 4. Citing evident 5. Minimum 8 sources (books and journal articles only). Must also use assigned readings. 6. Works Cited/Bibliography or References accurate and correctly formatted 7. Paper written in 3 rd person; content not personal essay but non-biased research 8. Paper meets minimum length standard (13-15 pages, excluding title page and Works Cited/ Bibliography or References) 9. Evidence of consistent and conscientious editing A—Clearly a knowledgeable, practiced, skilled pattern B—Evidence of a developing pattern C—Superficial, random, limited consistencies D—Unacceptable skill application Use of Sources Skill application demonstrates use which represents
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