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COMM 15O  SUZANNE PULLEN Impromptu Speaking For this short presentation assignment, you will be giving an impromptu speech which calls upon your ability to think on your feet, using a specific organizational structure, and give a 3-5 minute unprepared speech. Impromptu focuses on logos – creating logical arguments. You will be given three topics to choose from and have 3 minutes to prepare a speech on the topic you selected. You may choose to be informative or persuasive, humorous or motivational. This is also an opportunity to work on structure and understand the importance of
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Unformatted text preview: organization in creating an effective speech. This is the format you should use: FORMAT ATTENTION GETTER (personal story, hypothetical, anecdote) INTRO Thesis statement Preview (Tell us what you are going to tell us) THREE MAIN POINTS (Tell us) Main point Subpoints Main point Subpoints Main point Subpoints REVIEW (Tell us what you told us) CONCLUSION (Tie back to your attention getter) You will be graded on your organization (use of format), logic of your points, content and delivery. Good Luck! TOTAL POINTS: 25...
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