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COMM 150 Suzanne Pullen Reflection paper #2 MISS. PERCEPTION How we view ourselves and others… How we view ourselves can differ significantly from how others view us. We have experiences, challenges and attributes that are not readily understood or shared with people we don’t know or don’t share a common culture, class or language with. The same is true in the reverse. We can be quick to judge other people based on attitude, clothing, accent, religion, political affiliation, age, race and ethnicity – even when we think are unbiased in our perceptions. Please take some time to think about the following questions and share your reflections in a 1-2 page response paper.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. When was the first time you remember feeling judged because of some aspect of your identity? (Ie: one of the dimensions of self -- age, race, class, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation?) What happened? Did it impact your interactions with others? If so, how? 2. Was there a time your perception of someone else, based on the same dimensions of self, was proved wrong? 3. What do you think stops people from talking openly and honestly about issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and classism? 4. Finally, in today’s exercise, were there instances when people stepped to line that surprised you? Worth: 10 points UPLOAD TO ILEARN...
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