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Comm 150 Pullen Work of Art Assignment Objective: to visually and textually communicate an understanding of various components in the construction of identities. Assignment: You will make a work of visual art (a collage, painting, sculpture, 3-D installation etc) that uses various mediums to illustrate components in the construction of identity. The work should include these items: 1. A photo that you took. (Ie: a photo of your home to represent class) 2. Text from an academic source or quote that represents an element of your identity. (Ie: a quote or theory of how race influences communication for you).
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Unformatted text preview: 3. An object that represents an element of your identity. (Ie: a Star of David might represent your religious identity). It should also include these representations: a. Dimensions of Self (use at least 5 out of 8 components of Identity): 1. Race 2. Gender 3. Ethnicity 4. Age 5. Nationality 6. Religion 7. Sexual Identity 8. Social Class You should try to make it fun. Try using a medium that you have never used (for example if you have never painted a picture you could use paint as a part of your piece). There are no mistakes. Challenge yourself to make a work of art....
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