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Laboratory and Project

Laboratory and Project - Concrete week 3 March 14 Lab 6...

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Lab Schedule of ENGR200-01&02 Spring 2011 Instructor: D. Sinha , Sci 131, Office Hours: MW 2-3, Tu 1-2 or by appointment Date Topics: Week of Jan31 Report Writing, Term Project & Safety-Good Lab Habit Feb 7 Lab 2 Material Hardness Testing. (Tech memo due next lab) Feb 14 Lab 3 – Concrete Mixing Feb2 1 Concrete Test Week 1. Project Proposal Due Feb 28 Lab 4 Cold Work.(Pl. keep the specimen for the next lab) Concrete week 2 March 7 Lab 5 Recrystallization. (Tech Memo on Lab 4 & 5 due next lab)
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Unformatted text preview: Concrete week 3 March 14 Lab 6 Impact Test (Tech memo due next lab) Concrete Testing week 4 (Concrete report due next lab) March 21 Project progress review (Power Point) April 4 Lab 7 Tensile Testing, (Formal Report due in 2 weeks) April 11 A tour of X-ray diffraction and Electro Microscope faciltities. April 18 Open-ended project April 25 Open-ended project May 2 Open-ended project May 9 Final Presentation (Formal Report due in the lab)...
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