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Unformatted text preview: 1 San Francisco State University School of Engineering ENGR 200, Materials of Engineering Spring 2011 Laboratory 1 (Week # 2) Introduction to Engineering 200 Laboratory & Project TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Laboratory Logistics 3. Team Project 4. Appendix A: Technical Memo Format 5. Appendix B: Formal Report Format 6. Appendix C: Lab Assignment Format 1. INTRODUCTION Engineering 200: Materials of Engineering is a survey course for sophomores in civil and mechanical engineering. The materials laboratory is developed to fulfill the following objectives: 1. To provide students with an understanding of the properties of materials. 2. To train students in the techniques used in materials testing and characterization. 3. To help students improve their technical communication skills. 2. LABORATORY LOGISTICS 2.1 Laboratory Instructor: U Prof. Dipendra Sinha, SCI 131, 415-338-7737, 2.2 Laboratory Time & Venue: U Session 01: Tu 9.35-12.20pm, SCI 164 U Session 02: Th 2.10-4.55pm, SCI 164 2.3 Laboratory Schedule: Refer to 2.4 Required Text: Each student should download and print a copy of the pre-lab from the course webpage before coming to the lab session . 2.5 Success Factors: (Lab is assigned 30% of overall course grade) 20% Laboratory Experiments (10% for attendance; 10% for 1x technical memo and 5x lab assignments) 2 10% Team Project (1x 1-paged proposal, 1x project review, 1x oral presentation, and 1x formal report). Please refer to for details. 2.6 Attendance: Lab attendance and participation is mandatory . Please let us know ahead of time if you need to switch lab section for a particular week. 2.7 Safety: Safety First, always! Personal injury can result from improper use of laboratory equipment. DO NOT attempt to operate any equipment without approval of the instructor. 2.8 Lab Teams: 3-4 students work together in teams to collect and analyze data, but each student produces his/her own work. Plagiarism results in an immediate F for the course. 2.9 Lab Reports: There are 2 reporting formats for your experimental results. The first is a 2~3-page technical memo (or tech memo) and the second is a lab assignment. For Engr 200 Laboratory, only 1 experiment (Tensile Test) requires a tech memo. 2.9.1. Technical Memo: A 2-paged tech memo includes only 2 sections: Introduction and Results and Discussion 2.9.2. Lab Assignment: Answer questions posted in the pre-lab and submit your answers as a word processed document to your instructor. Table 1. Lab experiments and reporting formats. No. Experiment Report Format Submission Method 1 Materials Hardness Test Lab Assignment Hardcopy 2 Concrete Mixing & Testing Lab Assignment Hardcopy 3 Tensile Test for Metals Tech Memo Hardcopy 4 Cold Work Lab Assignment Hardcopy 5 Recrystallization Lab Assignment Hardcopy 6 Impact Test Lab Assignment Hardcopy 2.10 General guidelines on technical writing: U Make your tech memo easy to read:...
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Lab01[1] - 1 San Francisco State University School of...

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