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San Francisco State University School of Engineering ENGR 200, Materials of Engineering Laboratory 3 (Week #5) Concrete Compression Test I. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the strength of a general purpose concrete at a specific  proportion of its constituents, and to study the effect of curing time on the strength of concrete. Note: Please refer to course handout for further reading on concrete. II. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE Materials Portland Cement, Sand, Gravels, Water.  Table 1: Proportion of constituent materials A     pparatus     Bucket, metal rod, measuring tape, brick trowel, shovel, scale Wheelbarrow Slump Cone (12” height,  Figure 1 ) 4 x Test Cylinders (6” diameter x 12” height)  Constituent Weight Ratio Total Weight (lbs) Cement 1 20 Sand (Fine Aggregate) 1.8 36 Gravels (Coarse Aggregate) 2.7 54 Water 0.65 13
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Compression Tester Concrete Preparation Procedure 1) Table 1 indicates that sufficient amount of concrete mix will result from using approximately 20 lbs of cement 2) Slowly add aggregates and cement into a wheel barrow, mix thoroughly and then pour water. Mix concrete until it reaches a reasonable consistency. 3) Next, perform Slump Test as described below and in Figure 2:
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Lab03_Concrete_Mixing_and_Testing - San Francisco State...

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