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References - Vol 23 No.9 pp.805-824 Sept 1956 use the...

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References If you are referring to a book describe it as follows:- S.No. Name of the author(s) Title of the book Publisher’s name Publisher’s Home Year 1. Dipendra K. Sinha, Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., Dubuque, 1990. 2. or Sinha, D.K. …… …………. ……… …… If the reference is to an article (say, in a magazine) describe it thus:- S.No. Name of the authors Title of the article Name of the 3. Turner, J.J., Clough, R.W., Martin, H.C., and Topp, L.J., “ Stiffness and Deflection Analysis of Complex Structures ”, Journal of the Journal or magazine Page Numbers Year of publication Aeronautical Sciences,
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Unformatted text preview: Vol. 23, No.9, pp.805-824, Sept. 1956. use the serial number from above to point to the particular reference in the text of your report, etc. Notice how the name of the book or magazine is printed in italics and the name of the article is contained within a set of double inverted commas (“ ”). The space between the items in the above examples has been increased to align them with the explanations given in boldface you need not follow that pattern. The text in boldface is for your guidance they should not be included in the reference section or in the body of the report. Home Created by Prof. Dipendra K. Sinha 2007...
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