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Assignment submission standard Every assignment must be submitted at the beginning of the class on the due date. Use only 8.5"X11" paper with grids on the back side (engineering paper) or paper with very light lines or grids. Do not use tear-off pages from a spiral notebook. Write only on one side of the paper. Put the course and assignment numbers and your name on the first page. Arrange pages in the correct order and staple all pages together on the upper left corner (see diagram below). Work handed in must be originals; duplicated or scanned copies are not accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: Present your work in a clear and orderly fashion. This will make your future review/reference much easier. Work hard to follow will be down-graded. Draw diagrams as neatly as possible. Do not crowd your work. Reports or text-oriented assignments must be word-processed and printed on 8.5"X11" white paper with 1 margin on all sides. Use 12-point fonts, double-spaced. Some assignments must be submitted through iLearn when so specified. Engr 321 Assignment #1 Jane Smith 1. 8.5 11...
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