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Essay Instructions Sexuality Studies 400/Psychology 450/Sociology 400: I. Due Date and Submission Requirements : Friday, May 7 th in class at 11:10. We do not accept late work. Please turn in the paper to your teaching assistant. One may not submit the paper to TAs via email. The TA must receive a hard copy. The electronic copy must also be submitted to ILearn by Friday, May 7th by 5 pm. The written and the electronic versions must be EXACTLY the same or we will not consider any points for the paper. II. Essay Topic/Content Expectations: A. Carefully read the following two essays: 1. Davies, “Sexual Taboos and Social Boundaries” from The American Journal of Sociology available at the SFSU Electronic Library Reserve. 2. Greenberg, “Sexual Asceticism in the Ancient World” from The Construction of Homosexuality. 3. Rubin, “Thinking Sex: Notes on a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality,” from Pleasure and Danger: Exploring Sexuality. B. Essay Question: In order to understand why different societies in different historical periods respond to certain sexual behaviors among certain kinds of people the way they do, one needs to understand the social, economic, ecological and political order of these societies. In light of the three essays above (i.e., Davies, Greenberg and Rubin), provide a social scientific explanation that helps us understand the societal responses to one of the following sexual variations*: prostitution/sex work, homosexuality, bisexuality, cross-dressing, oral and anal sex, group sex, the integration of technology (e.g., vibrators, internet, film) into sexual activities or age-discordant sex. Choose only one sexual variation, but use concepts and evidence from each of the three articles. *I use an asterisk when using the term “variations” to suggest that for some societies in some historical periods, the societies might not have conceived of these sexual behaviors as variations but rather as normative. 1. Overview Write the review as if you were writing to someone who had never heard the question or read the articles and you want to explain how the concepts/evidence help us to explain why people respond to and think about sexual variations the way they do.
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III. Essay Format Guidelines: A. Length: 5 pages give or take ¼ page (no longer, no shorter). Use 12 point Times New Roman font. Use standard 1.25 margins (In Microsoft Word, Go to File, Page Set Up to set margins). B.
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Review_Essay_SXS400_Spr_10[1] - Essay Instructions...

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