SXS400_Vocabulary_Exam_1_Spring_2010[1] - Hi Everyone,...

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Hi Everyone, Please keep this email in a safe and discoverable location as you will need it for upcoming quiz questions and for the midterm. For purposes of understanding upcoming lectures, course readings, and films, please learn the following vocabulary words and key concepts. Every few sessions, I will include vocabulary words in the quiz questions. On the exams, the words will appear in different questions, and in many cases, one will need to define the terms. Many of the terms will reappear on the final exam. Please use the following sources: 1. Wikipedia ( ). Be a bit cautious about Wikipedia as sometimes vandals alter the entries and sometimes, the entries lack a balanced and/or scientific analysis. Use your common sense and move to the next source if needed. 2. One Look ( ) Within Onelook, use only the following dictionaries: American Heritage, Oxford, and Cambridge . 3.
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This note was uploaded on 09/08/2011 for the course SXS 400 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '11 term at S.F. State.

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SXS400_Vocabulary_Exam_1_Spring_2010[1] - Hi Everyone,...

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